Five Minute Blogging? Yes (and you can make money too)


Think blogging takes too much time? 

As I said on my freelance writing blog:

Blogging’s popular, and perhaps you’ve considered blogging, but: “It takes too much time,” you decided.


Let’s create an “instant” profitable blog, a blog to which you can devote just five minutes a day. To do it, we’ll take a lesson from the popular blogging platform Tumblr, which in late March of 2013, hosted 100 million blogs.

Just follow the directions. 🙂

Once you’ve created your blog, you’ll want to promote it. Here’s an excellent article which describes five simple ways to promote your “five minute” blog:

Take Advantage Of Free-To-Use Sites
There are many, many sites out there that allow you to publish content free-of-charge, so take advantage of them to get additional exposure. Places like HubSpot or Squidoo are good places to start if you don’t want to deal with a lot of setup. Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger blogs are free, easy to create and fairly well-optimized for search engines. I call these types of sites “supporting sites,” as they help me get additional exposure in Google and help my target market find my work.

Enjoy your blogging, but do remember SEO…

Get up to speed on SEO for writers

This week on the freelance writing blog, our theme was SEO (search engine optimization) for writers. I created a slide deck for you, if SEO is new to you.

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