Coming Up This Week: Web Writing, Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week


Here we are at the start of another week. I hope you’re looking forward to it.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, I hope that spring has sprung for you. Down in the south, in Sydney Australia, we’re headed for winter. Thank heavens the humidity has gone, and that the nights are cooler.

On the freelance writing blog this week, our theme will be Web writing. I’ve chosen this theme in conjunction with the prelaunch of my new program. Check it out of you’re a Web writer, and want to increase your income without writing.

I created this new program because writers develop blinkers. (I know I do.) We’re too focused on just the writing, and we fail to see other opportunities. Let’s see if we can remove the blinkers. 🙂

On the Creativity Factory, we’ll be discussing blogging. Our theme is managing your blog in just 60 minutes a week. If you’ve been putting off blogging because you don’t have the time, I hope the series will help.

Back to fiction (again)

In 2010 I started a couple of novels for Kindle publication. I’d given up writing novels after too many hassles with literary agents. The writing progressed brilliantly, until I was commissioned to ghostwrite several novels. Never one to turn away writing work, I let the work on my own novels lapse.

That’s the challenge of writing in the age of the Internet: there’s SO much work around for writers, that we get sidetracked.

I woke up the other morning with a complete plot for a new novel in my head. So, I wrote it down. I love the idea of this new book, and I’ll be writing this novel first, before I go back to my 2010 novels.

Do you plan your week’s writing? Please share.

Onward… 🙂


One thought on “Coming Up This Week: Web Writing, Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week

  1. Awesome that you’re using my picture! I’m not familiar with your blog so I’ll look around a bit 🙂
    Due to the personal nature of my picture however, it would be nice if you’d attribute in a more nettiquette way, hence the(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) licensing 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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