Want to Write, But HATE Writing?


Snoopy’s had a hard writing day…

It’s becoming a busy week; we’re feeling a little like Snoopy… Discover what we’ve been talking about…

Can you become a writer even if you hate writing? Of course you can. Chances are that you dislike writing because you’re nervous. Staring at a blank computer screen is intimidating.

“Creative anxiety” is real. Entire books are written about it. I suffered from it for years. Many writers do. In my first few years as a romance novelist I went through agonies every day. My hands shook so much that I had trouble rolling paper into my typewriter.

Of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. I avoided writing when I could. I procrastinated: weeks went by when I convinced myself that I had “writer’s block.”

It took me years to realize that it’s OK to feel nervous. And that I could write anyway, even if I hated it. If you refuse to bolt, and commit to sitting at your computer, you’ll be surprised that within ten minutes you’ll become engrossed with what you’re writing. Your nerves have faded.

Yes — if you can force yourself to sit and write, your nervousness will fade.

Let’s look at some simple tips which will help you if you hate writing. You can use these tips to write anything from an novel to a small advertisement.

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Write, and Sell: The Process

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Yes, promotion is important. However WRITING — creating new ebooks — is more important. Write first. This week’s offering will help. If you’re not leaping out of bed early in the morning, eager to get to your computer, you need a process. Write first… 😉

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