Flipboard: Become An Instant Publisher

flipboard publishing magazines

Create Your Own Line of Magazines: Publish your writing

On my freelance writing blog, I talked about creating your own magazine in minutes, if you have an iOS device.

You create your magazines on the Flipboard app. It’s free.

Why create your own magazines?

Primarily, to publish and promote your writing. It doesn’t matter what your aim is as a writer, if you want to make money doing it, you need to get in front of people who can hire you (if you want to write for others), or buy your books.

Flipboard helps you to do that. You can add anything you  like to your magazines (as long as the content is published somewhere online), and people can subscribe to your magazines.

The new Magazines feature in Flipboard is very new, it’s only been available for three weeks. In two weeks, 500,000 Magazines were created.

As you might imagine, large companies are jumping on this feature. You can too. It took me around five minutes to create this magazine.

Give it a try — show the world how creative you are. 🙂

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