Scrivener: a grad student review

If you’re not using Scrivener… why not? 🙂

Sam Grace

I just submitted an application to the NSF DDIG*. It’s a big grant and a big deal and getting it in makes me a very happy camper. I had already done a lot of writing for it in Word, which is where I had done all my grant writing previously. But I was feeling a definite need for a Fresh Start, and so I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener** so I could stare at a new kind of blank page.

I had heard that Scrivener is a pretty impressive writing management system from novelists and other academics. They were correct.

The first awesome thing was that I imported all the grant writing I had already done into folders in the Grant Collection I started. That meant that whenever I wanted to check or copy some previous writing I could zip quickly between a preloaded list, instead of sifting through…

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The Sexorific Picture That Launched 63,000 words

Terri Herman-Ponce

I’m a visual and so inspiration for my stories usually comes from a movie or a TV show. In the case of my latest book, it came from a picture. A sultry, sexy, smoldering picture.

It was probably around May of last year when I was surfing around, looking at pictures of sexy men. I wasn’t looking for inspiration, really–at least not of the book kind–but when I saw this photo…


My first thought? What are they doing? Why are they there? What is he thinking and why does she look like she’s being dismissed? And does that bother her? Does it bother him? Is this a relationship of convenience, comfort, or something more? Are they conniving a heist? Feeling guilty over a love affair? Or hiding from authorities because of a murder they’ve committed?

The questions led to all kinds of thoughts, and then BAM! The…

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