Revisions in Scrivener

Wonderful advice, as always, Gwen. Thanks for the helpful reminder about snapshots. I tend to forget, and then gnash my teeth when I get too happy slashing and burning. I’m putting SNAPSHOTS on a sticky and pasting it to my monitor. 🙂

Gwen Hernandez

Proofreader's marks With my debut romantic suspense novel releasing next week, you can bet I’ve been spending a lot of time in revisions over the last few months. Everyone has their own process for handling edits in Scrivener, but since some of you have asked, here’s mine.

I make all of my changes directly in Scrivener. I prefer to work with two monitors when I’m referring to comments from an editor, beta reader, or proofreader. If you can beg, borrow, or buy a second monitor, I can’t recommend it enough (unless you have a mammoth one already, in which case you can probably just view both windows side by side).

There are three main tools I use when working on revisions: annotations, snapshots, and color-coded labels. (The links will take you to my posts with more detail on using each feature.)


Annotations are a pre-revision tool for me…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Angela! So glad you found the post helpful. I’m trying to make snapshots a routine part of my revision process, but in the early stages I edit a lot as I go and that’s when I tend to forget most. 🙂

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