I’m Back, Got Hacked, Fixed It

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My home town Sydney, looking at the Opera House from the zoo. Nice giraffe 🙂

I established this blog way back in 2006, as a teaching aid for my writing students. My original goal was to use this space as a directory to my writing; a personal portfolio if you like.

Seven years on, let’s do that. I’ll talk about my writing, and post links to my blog posts and articles, as well as to stuff I find interesting. Of course, I’ll also talk about blogging and WordPress, since I’m a blogging evangelist — 13 years of blogging! — and I adore WordPress.

It’s midday in Sydney, and I haven’t done much at all, other than think and write about hacking.

This afternoon I’ll be working on another ebook.

Speaking of which, I love this idea. Tristan writes and sells Kindle ebooks, and includes audio versions:

Including a free MP3 version is something I’ve done in a couple of my other books, namely 101 Blogging Tips and How to Manage Multiple Blogs. I like doing this because it provides a lot of value. I mean, you get a Kindle book and an audio book for $3.

Very clever.

When your WordPress blog gets hacked (shock, horror)

Late last night I was just about ready to turn off my computer when I noticed one of my self-hosted WordPress blogs had been hacked. This morning, I wrote about it. It’s not the first blog of mine to be hacked, and it won’t be the last. All fixed however, so that’s a relief.

Over on my “name” blog, I posted:

What to do if your WordPress blog is hacked

If you’re anything like me, you’ll panic. Don’t do that, it’s not necessary. Your blog can be fixed, often it’s something very simple. My first option is always to get someone else to fix it, I’m a writer, not a technician.

This week’s offering

We have a special offering most weeks, and this week’s is spectacular: my Blogging for Dollars bestseller, with a “blog power” consultation. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Questions? Please ask.

photo credit: tarotastic via photopin cc