How to Pitch Your Book Even If You’re Terrified


We’ve been discussing pitching this week on our freelance writing blog. A couple of readers asked me about pitching your book. They’re going to a conference, and want a quick pitch they can make to agents.

Here’s the best advice I can give you for live pitching: rehearse, and demo your pitch. Rehearse until you know your pitch by heart, and can repeat it in your sleep. Then demo it to everyone you know. Say it. Over and over again. Until you hate it and your friends are plotting to do away with you because they’re so sick of it too.

I covered the basics of pitching a book even if you hate it here:

Should you send your pitch to one agent at a time?

I’m often asked whether you should send your pitch out to many agents simultaneously.

You can do whatever you feel is best. However, I suggest one agent at a time. Research the agent online first. Read her/ his blog. Study the agent’s client list.

Personalize your letter/ email message, to ensure that the agent knows that you’re not sending out a mass email. Write something like:

“I enjoyed your blog post on _________ (whatever. Tell her why you enjoyed it.) _____ (Author name) is one of my favorite authors, I loved his ________ (whatever) book.”

Terror is natural when you’re doing something which is new, and important to you. Rehearse until you’re tired of it. I dislike pitching in person too, but rehearsing until you’re bored truly works. You’ll get to the point where you’re no longer self-conscious.

photo credit: Louisville Joe via photopin cc