This Week: Pinterest, Kindle Ebooks and More


If you’re a Pinterest fan, you know how addictive the site can be, but did you also know that the site can do great things for you as a writer — it can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Consider Pinterest if you’re writing a book, or if you’re looking for writing jobs. A presence on the site gives you credibility. The site’s a lot of fun too, of course.

Farewell, Blogging for Dollars

I’m currently working on a new coaching workshop, so our Blogging for Dollars program won’t be available after this weekend. Check it out, if you’re not aware of it.

Kindle Day Job Killer — highly recommended (with goodies)

I’m heavily involved with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program, primarily for my clients in my role as a ghostwriter, although I’m working on a couple of books of my own.

Everyone who’s selling ebooks wants to sell more of them, naturally. So when a friend recommended Kindle Day Job Killer to me, I had no hesitation in taking a look. I knew that if I could pick up just one new tip, the program would repay itself many times over.

Long story short, the program’s much better than I expected, and I recommend it. More on Kindle Day Job Killer here.

It’s been a busy week, and the weekend’s here — have a great time. 🙂

Coming Up This Week: Web Writing, Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week


Here we are at the start of another week. I hope you’re looking forward to it.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, I hope that spring has sprung for you. Down in the south, in Sydney Australia, we’re headed for winter. Thank heavens the humidity has gone, and that the nights are cooler.

On the freelance writing blog this week, our theme will be Web writing. I’ve chosen this theme in conjunction with the prelaunch of my new program. Check it out of you’re a Web writer, and want to increase your income without writing.

I created this new program because writers develop blinkers. (I know I do.) We’re too focused on just the writing, and we fail to see other opportunities. Let’s see if we can remove the blinkers. 🙂

On the Creativity Factory, we’ll be discussing blogging. Our theme is managing your blog in just 60 minutes a week. If you’ve been putting off blogging because you don’t have the time, I hope the series will help.

Back to fiction (again)

In 2010 I started a couple of novels for Kindle publication. I’d given up writing novels after too many hassles with literary agents. The writing progressed brilliantly, until I was commissioned to ghostwrite several novels. Never one to turn away writing work, I let the work on my own novels lapse.

That’s the challenge of writing in the age of the Internet: there’s SO much work around for writers, that we get sidetracked.

I woke up the other morning with a complete plot for a new novel in my head. So, I wrote it down. I love the idea of this new book, and I’ll be writing this novel first, before I go back to my 2010 novels.

Do you plan your week’s writing? Please share.

Onward… 🙂


Five Minute Blogging? Yes (and you can make money too)


Think blogging takes too much time? 

As I said on my freelance writing blog:

Blogging’s popular, and perhaps you’ve considered blogging, but: “It takes too much time,” you decided.


Let’s create an “instant” profitable blog, a blog to which you can devote just five minutes a day. To do it, we’ll take a lesson from the popular blogging platform Tumblr, which in late March of 2013, hosted 100 million blogs.

Just follow the directions. 🙂

Once you’ve created your blog, you’ll want to promote it. Here’s an excellent article which describes five simple ways to promote your “five minute” blog:

Take Advantage Of Free-To-Use Sites
There are many, many sites out there that allow you to publish content free-of-charge, so take advantage of them to get additional exposure. Places like HubSpot or Squidoo are good places to start if you don’t want to deal with a lot of setup. Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger blogs are free, easy to create and fairly well-optimized for search engines. I call these types of sites “supporting sites,” as they help me get additional exposure in Google and help my target market find my work.

Enjoy your blogging, but do remember SEO…

Get up to speed on SEO for writers

This week on the freelance writing blog, our theme was SEO (search engine optimization) for writers. I created a slide deck for you, if SEO is new to you.

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I’m Back, Got Hacked, Fixed It

sydney, australia, opera house, harbor

My home town Sydney, looking at the Opera House from the zoo. Nice giraffe 🙂

I established this blog way back in 2006, as a teaching aid for my writing students. My original goal was to use this space as a directory to my writing; a personal portfolio if you like.

Seven years on, let’s do that. I’ll talk about my writing, and post links to my blog posts and articles, as well as to stuff I find interesting. Of course, I’ll also talk about blogging and WordPress, since I’m a blogging evangelist — 13 years of blogging! — and I adore WordPress.

It’s midday in Sydney, and I haven’t done much at all, other than think and write about hacking.

This afternoon I’ll be working on another ebook.

Speaking of which, I love this idea. Tristan writes and sells Kindle ebooks, and includes audio versions:

Including a free MP3 version is something I’ve done in a couple of my other books, namely 101 Blogging Tips and How to Manage Multiple Blogs. I like doing this because it provides a lot of value. I mean, you get a Kindle book and an audio book for $3.

Very clever.

When your WordPress blog gets hacked (shock, horror)

Late last night I was just about ready to turn off my computer when I noticed one of my self-hosted WordPress blogs had been hacked. This morning, I wrote about it. It’s not the first blog of mine to be hacked, and it won’t be the last. All fixed however, so that’s a relief.

Over on my “name” blog, I posted:

What to do if your WordPress blog is hacked

If you’re anything like me, you’ll panic. Don’t do that, it’s not necessary. Your blog can be fixed, often it’s something very simple. My first option is always to get someone else to fix it, I’m a writer, not a technician.

This week’s offering

We have a special offering most weeks, and this week’s is spectacular: my Blogging for Dollars bestseller, with a “blog power” consultation. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Questions? Please ask.

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