Writing Career: 11 Easy Writing Tips

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Want to make money writing? These tips will help, whether you’re a seasoned writer, or a complete beginner…

Write stuff people want, and for which they’ll pay TODAY

It’s a thrill to write something, and get dollars in your PayPal account quickly.

A couple of months back, I wrote a series of blog posts on making $500 a day from your writing.

If you read those posts, you’ll see that people pay for many different kinds of writing. Make a list of what YOU could write, for which people pay.

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Want to Fire Your Boss? Maybe You Can


Fairies at the bottom of our garden? No, we’ve got a tame Blue Tongue

We’ve had a wonderful weekend here in Sydney. To make the most of the autumn sunshine (84 F, amazing) on Saturday we went down south on a picnic. We found a secluded beach, where no one objected to my Jack Russell terrier, Honey.

Honey’s very well behaved, a perfect little lady, although she terrorizes the tame Blue Tongue lizard at the bottom of our garden. Mind you, he gives as good as he gets, invading “her” garden, and opening his mouth and sticking out his blue tongue at her. She yaps at him in outrage.

I read on my Kindle, while the kids dug giant holes in the yellow sand. The men broke out their fishing rods and fished off the rocks.

When we got back, I realized that that might be the last such expedition until spring. Sad, but we’ve got long bush hikes and cosy log fires to look forward to.

So, I’m relaxed, and ready to write. I hope you are, too. 🙂

This coming week, on the freelance writing blog, we’ll be discussing ebooks: how you can turn your ideas into professional productions.

We’re living at a unique time: writers have power

Underwood Typewriter

Underwood Typewriter

That’s never happened before. For the first time, writers no longer need others to get their words read, or watched. Movie studio head Jack Warner famously called his writers “schmucks with Underwoods”. (“Underwood” was a brand of typewriter. The model above was one of the last desktop models, manufactured in the 1960s.)

Now you can ignore those who disrespect what we do, and can go your own way. You can turn a blog into a business. You can write books and sell them, without help from anyone — you just hire what you need. Get someone to proofread your work, and get a cover designed for $50.

The response to the post, “Why Your Kindle Ebooks Aren’t Selling”, in which I recommended Kindle Day Job Killer to you, has been fantastic.

I’ve reread the program since I wrote that post, and have made notes.

Also, I checked out the goodies which came with the program.

They include:

* A long list of websites on which you can promote your books on the KDP Select “free” days (you have five such days every 90 days);

* How to create your own category string in Kindle. I’d never heard of this before, and it’s perfect — your very own category, which you can populate with your books;

* How to customize your books’ page on Amazon. Did you know that you can customize your book description using HTML to create headlines, center and justify text, insert images, create italics, bold and underlines and even use those nifty orange headlines that you see on Amazon.com? I certainly didn’t — this will make your books stand out.

There are lots of programs which help you to write your ebooks (I’ve created some myself). However, this is the perfect program to help you to break out of the rut, and fire your boss.

If you take the information in this program to heart, and use it, your books will be found on Amazon. Each book you create will build a foundation for you, a powerful platform.

I’m happy to bribe you, because I know that this program is exactly what you need, if your ebooks aren’t selling. Even if they are — you’ll now sell more.

I hope you enjoy my goodies which you receive with Kindle Day Job Killer — check them out, if you haven’t done so.

Onward — remember that this week’s theme is creating truly professional ebooks, so keep an eye on the freelance writing blog for those posts.

Can You Still Write Articles For The Web?


New writers want to start off writing simple material. For many years, that’s meant writing Web articles. I had a couple of questions this week: can you still make money writing these articles?

These days businesses need web content for their websites. They also need content to draw traffic. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using content to market their site. “Content marketing” has become hugely popular, because it’s cost-effective. An online article can stay online and attract traffic for years. Advertising on the other hand, stops drawing traffic when the advertising stops. Moreover, online advertising has become expensive.

Yes, you can. The article will get you started. If you want to make a career of Web writing, SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) helps you to do that.

SEO and Writing: This Week’s Theme

SEO Strategy

Sell your Web content creation services to clients.

This week on the Fab Freelance Writing Blog, our theme is writing, and search engine optimization (SEO.)

We kicked off with an article on selling your services to clients:

If your clients have websites, they’ve been affected by the ongoing Google updates. This provides a HUGE opportunity for you, the competent freelance writer.

Your clients need you, and they need you to be up to speed on search engine optimization (SEO.) Although you don’t need to be an SEO wizard (that would be impossible, because SEO requires advanced Web engineering skills at the highest levels), it’s essential that you understand how today’s increasingly complex content and search landscape affects writing for the Web.

In this article, we’ll look at five easily-understandable points you can make to your clients to sell them on your SEO-enhanced content creation services. It’s an easy sell.

Watch for more on Web writing and SEO on the blog, and in our weekly writing tips ezine.

Flipboard, Springpad, Evernote, and more

On the Creativity Factory, I wrote about:

* Using Evernote’s shared notebooks if you hate paperwork (but love your business);

* Flipboard – an iPad news app  which lets you create magazines, and share them with others. I’m creating one for this blog, and I’ll post the link soon;

* Springpad: a cross between Evernote and Pinterest. Springpad’s created a fascinating way of sharing notebooks with others: embedding them into websites.


Top 10 Fun Ways to Increase Your Writing Income

Want to increase your writing income? Here’s a little slide deck to give you some easy and fun ideas.

You’ll find an article with more on these fun ideas on my freelance writing blog.

Enjoy, and do tell me if you’ve developed your own fun and easy ways to make money from your writing.

Want to Get Paid $2 a Word For Your Writing?

writing, personal essays, essays, get paid to write

You’re the star of your life story

This week, our theme on the freelance writing blog is personal writing — writing essays and books based on your personal experiences.

This can be extremely lucrative in a couple of ways. Not only can you sell material based on your life stories, you can also help others to share their stories, as a ghostwriter.

I’ve just posted this article to the blog, “Writing to Sell: Sell Your Experiences In Easy Personal Essays”:

You can write an essay about anything, and if your essay or book based on personal experiences strikes a nerve, you’ll make money. The book which first convinced me of this was Betty MacDonald’s “The Egg and I”. Published in 1945, this blockbuster about the struggles of a chicken farmer sold a million copies in a year; an enormous number of books for its time.
Are personal essays profitable? Consider that in 2013, O, The Oprah Magazine, pays $2 a word for personal essays, and other writing.

In conjunction with our theme, I’ve responded to many requests for the Memories Coaching Workshop.

The “Memories” Coaching Workshop Has Become Self-Guided

I’ve been receiving a stream of requests about our original “Memories” coaching workshop. At almost $600, this workshop is out of the reach of many writers. Of course I understand that, so I’ve created a self-guided version: a workbook, with accompanying videos.

If you’re interested in writing about your own experiences, for $2 a word or more modest amounts, it will help you to get started.

Watch for more articles on writing from personal experience on the freelance writing blog this week.

On another front, Google is killing the RSS reader, Google Reader …

If You’re An Online Publisher, Is It Time to Worry?

On the Creativity Factory, I’ve written about the sunsetting of Google Reader several times. Reader sends traffic to blogs. Sadly the death of Reader may lead to the death of some blogs.

photo credit: Mr. Carls via photopin cc